Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fuzzy Navel Milkshake

To go along with my current summertime favorite, here is another milkshake recipe. These can be done in a blender, or use a wand hand blender like I do. That way you can mix it right down in a large cup. This one comes from Young's Jersey Dairy, Yellow Springs, Ohio. If anyone lives near there I'd love to know if Young's is still there.

Makes 2 tall glasses. Increase for a larger batch.

4 scoops high quality vanilla ice cream
1 cup peeled cut up peaches
1 cup cold orange juice

Mix to desired consistency. Add more liquid to make it drinkable.

This is fantastic stuff!


JafaBrit's Art said...

Young's Dairy is thriving. Here is their website.

Becky said...

jafabrit's art: Thanks so much for the website info. I love the sound effects!


Jamie said...

This sounds really good. I found you on blogcatalog.