Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fuzzy Navel Milkshake

To go along with my current summertime favorite, here is another milkshake recipe. These can be done in a blender, or use a wand hand blender like I do. That way you can mix it right down in a large cup. This one comes from Young's Jersey Dairy, Yellow Springs, Ohio. If anyone lives near there I'd love to know if Young's is still there.

Makes 2 tall glasses. Increase for a larger batch.

4 scoops high quality vanilla ice cream
1 cup peeled cut up peaches
1 cup cold orange juice

Mix to desired consistency. Add more liquid to make it drinkable.

This is fantastic stuff!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My New Vice -- Buttermilk Shake

Recently my mother sent me a few recipes that she had collected over the years. Funny how when you have a recipe blog, your mom starts digging recipes out of the woodwork. I have found some old favorites and wonderful sounding new recipes to try out.

One of the recipes she sent on an index card and it caught my eye. It was for a Buttermilk Shake. Having lived in the South I grew to enjoy anything made with buttermilk as an ingredient. I had to try the Buttermilk Shake as soon as I could purchase the ingredients. I shopped the next day and made a milkshake that evening, and the next, and the next, and the next until the ice cream was gone. Needless to say, I really loved the flavors and eventually got the texture I liked after a couple of tries. It tastes like liquid cheesecake. It is not sweet, but has the mellow tart flavor of cheesecake, or buttermilk if you want.

Buttermilk Shake

I mix the ingredients in a large plastic cup, using a wand blender to mix directly in the cup.
You could also mix a larger amount in a blender.

Scoop ice cream to just above the level that you will want the shake to end up. Fill the cup with buttermilk until it just covers the icecream. Blend with wand blender. If it is too thick add just a little more milk until it is the texture you like. Enjoy.

Don't get started on these, they can be addictive. I imagine they could cause a little weight gain if you made them too often. Try one on a hot day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3-way Onion Burgers On Kalamata Focaccia

At a loss for how to create a tasty dinner out of a package of lean ground beef, I resorted to an old standby. I always called them "Hamburger Steaks" when cooked for dinner and served on a plate without a bun. In this case, we had just shopped at Trader Joe's and had a lovely loaf of Kalamata Olive Focaccia bread. It was thin, so we sliced it in burger sized lengths, then sliced it through parallel to the table so we could open up each section and lay the burgers in.

I mixed the Lean Ground Beef with 1/2 chopped Onion, added 1-1/2 teaspoon of Dehydrated Minced Onions, a dash of Worcestershire Sauce, along with Seasoned Salt and Pepper. I mixed this together with my hands and made 4 big pattys. I did not add an egg or fillers. I just wanted them to be meat and onions. I then sprinkled the pattys heavily with an onion powder (not salt) on top. I browned them in an old cast iron skillet and then turned down low until they were done inside.

We both made our own version:

3-way Onion Swiss Burger with Fresh Tomato, and Mayo on Olive Focaccia Bread

3-way Onion Gorganzola Burger with Romaine Lettuce and Steak Sauce on Olive Focaccia Bread

These were so tasty, and the bread was just perfect with a chewy texture and moistness from the olives. It held up well to the juicy burger and didn't fall apart.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Barbeque Beef on Noodles

This is one of those easy to make dishes. I've made it for years and it is very versatile. You can use any type of thinly cut beef, or other meat for that matter. Today, this is what I did.

I used:

Package of thinly cut round tip steak, meant for stir fry

3/4 cup of your favorite Barbeque Sauce

Half an onion, chopped

Half a yellow bell pepper, chopped

Salt & Pepper

Thinly slice the beef into strips. I added a little olive oil to a heating pan, then the meat. Brown the meat on Med-Hi heat, then add the bell pepper and onions. Alot of liquid comes out of the meat, so simmer until most of the liquid is gone, stirring occasionally. Add your Barbeque sauce and stir until everything is well coated. Turn to low and simmer with a lid for 30 minutes.

I served this over wide noodles and along with green beans.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pickled Okra

When I lived in the South these were one of my favorite things to do when I had a bumper crop of okra. You want to use small pods that will fit into a pint jar. These are tender and stay crispy. These are the easiest pickles to make and a great summer delicacy to eat when the warm weather is long gone. Some people like to add red pepper flakes or hot peppers to spice them up a little. I like the dill flavor without the spice. This amount makes 4 pints. Increase if you have alot of okra to deal with.

2 lbs okra (3" pods)
12 celery leaves
4 sprigs of dill weed
4 garlic cloves
2 cups water
2 cups white vinegar
2 Tablespoons salt

Cut off the okra stems and pack pods into sterilized jars (Sterilize jars by boiling in a water bath for 5 minutes) Add 3 celery leaves, 1 dill sprig, and 1 peeled garlic clove to each jar. Bring water, vinegar and salt to a boil and pour over okra in the jars to cover. Seal. Let stand at least 1 month before using. They go fast so make plenty!